Thursday, June 11, 2009

Never Mind

I am suprised you guys are writing back!!! I have been so busy I haven't been blogging and I haven't blogged for ever and you guys still looked! WOW! hey I am listening to my other blog check out the music except for that love game one I have to find out how to get it off IT IS GROSS!!! so ignore the love game song I am listening to year 3,000 it is a real good song! and never mind about the all-stars thing I made it but we still might come either up or down there sometime! Is it up or down? oh well g2g to softball practice cause I MADE ALL-STARS!!!!! ttyl!


Morgie said...

i thought ur mom told ur coach u couldn't play all-stars??? ur confusing me MandaLee!!!

The Calico Crew said...

do you think just because you don't write on your blog that we would stop talking to you? Come on Mandy! We're FAMILY! FAMILY just doesn't do stuff like that!